My Story

About Mindful Presents' Founder Elizabeth Wellington

I’ve been a journalist for 25+ years and I've spent way too much of my time dwelling in the past and fretting about the future. 

I’m also a Black woman in America.

It took a long time for me to believe I was good enough for -- or at anything -- The anxiety was crippling.

Yoga and meditation gave me permission to live in the moment. I burned sage to cleanse the energy in my home. I lit candles during at-home pandemic-era asana yoga practice. I charged crystals in my windowsill and held them tightly in my hand while I meditated. I gave myself permission to take a breath. Deadlines still loomed. I still wondered if I’d ever find my soulmate. But with each sun salutation and guided meditation I gave myself the present of presence. And, when I’m firmly in the present moment, even if it’s only for a hot second, I know I’ll be OK. 

Each Mindful Presents box is filled with all of the things I use to get into and stay in the present moment. It’s important we find a little time each day for self-care. That’s all it takes for you to realize that you, too, will be OK.