Featured Box

We've curated four products just for you in the Mindful Presents Grace Box. 


A candle to help you focus on the light.
Sage to summon good energy.  
Lavender quartz to energize your spirit. 
An illustration + crayons to inspire you.


Our Grace Candle


Our Grace candle is infused with lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood and lemongrass. Lavender reduces anxiety. Sandalwood awakens the third chakra and opens our hearts to limitless possibilities. Cedarwood calms the nervous system. Lemongrass lifts our spirits. Mindful Presents’ 8 oz. soy candle burns for 40 hours. Light Mindful Presents’ Grace candle. Let it burn. Its scent will intensify as the wax melts. Focus. Meditate. Believe. Be ready. Watch how grace moves in your life.


Our Lavender Sage

Burning sage, or smudging, is an ancient healing ritual that cleanses our homes of negative energy and invites good vibes in.

How to smudge a room: Light one end of the sage. Think of an intention: I invite grace into my heart and into my home. Hold the sage in your dominant hand and slowly walking through the rooms of your home. Linger under doorways. Repeat your intention. We suggest smudging once a week as part of a #MindfulPresentsritual


How to smudge yourself or a loved one: Light one end of the sage. Express an intention like: When I extend grace to others, I receive grace in my heart. Hold over your head, or your loved one’s. Breathe deeply. Repeat intention.




Our Lavender Quartz

Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. Its lavender hue calms the soul, reduces stress and evokes feelings of joy. Our ancestors used quartz in healing rituals. Mystics believe lavender quartz awakens our Third Eye Chakra, located in the center of our forehead. Here is where our intuition lives and where the answers to our most pressing questions and problems are revealed. Holding a charged lavender quartz during meditation helps us focus. What gives lavender quartz its purple hue? Nature's infusion of titanium and manganese.


Our Illustration 


We commissioned surface pattern designer and Philadelphia-area illustrator Veronica Miller Jamison for the illustration, She Sits in Grace with Nature. A woman lounges in a tropical paradise surrounded by water and palm trees. Aaaahhh…  “The woman I drew in this picture is just existing,” Veronica said.  She’s not trying to fill a role. She’s just being. This is what grace looks like.”  Veronica is a graduate of Howard University and full-time print designer for Lilly Pultizer. Her debut picture book, A Computer Called Katharine: How Katharine Johnson Helped Put America on the Moon, written by Suzanne Slade, received a Kirkus Starred Review. And her second picture book, This is a School, written by John Schu, is available for sale now.